Fuck Yeah Martial Arts

empty your cup of tea: "What is the best martial art?" A pointless question in today's society.


I’ll tell you what martial art is the best, it’s called gun-jitsu (I know not funny, but seriously). People need to stop wasting their energy debating which martial art is more effective when someone could shoot you up in seconds. Wake up, we’re living in the 21st century. If you really want to…

empty your cup of tea: Ask yourself "what do I do martial arts for?"


I do it simply because I enjoy it. I enjoy practicing the fighting techniques as a form of meditation and exercise. I want to be able to lift heavy, have fast and explosive strikes, yet be flexible and light on my toes. I like to learn about philosophy and different concepts with an open mind

Hi, followers!

I figured I should introduce myself, I’m Jason-one of the new contributors to fyeahmartialarts! It’s great to be here and I hope I can bring some new awesome content to the blog, and I’d like to start some more interaction with you guys, so here goes:

Those of you who train, what did you do in class today/yesterday?

Hey guys, looking for contributors and co-owners!

Hey guys, since I’m at least a bit active now (I’ve got about 80 in the queue, posting 5 per day) I’ve been wondering if any of you would like to be a co-contributor or co-owner.

I’ll be honest here, I know very little about martial arts outside of Asian arts (mostly kung fu), and I’m kind of biased. But it’s not to say that I hate other styles of martial arts; I wholly respect every kind of martial art. I just study Chinese martial arts more than the rest. I haven’t had the time to practice much though; time doesn’t permit me to. If anyone would like to be a co-contributor or would like to co-run this blog with me, I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s not only good for me, it’s good for everyone else watching the blog too! You’d get a far more extensive variety of arts, so you won’t have to see the same things over and over again. I’d appreciate it if you had knowledge in more than one area of martial arts, or you are at least eager to learn about it. I know I am! 

If you’d like to apply, I only have two rules:

  • You are active with blogging. I understand if you are busy with life, but I don’t want you to be a co-contributor in the beginning and not post anything else after the first week.
  • Don’t post only a select few of arts. I don’t want you to only spam three types of arts and neglect the other wonderful arts out there. Be respectful to the other arts. :)

Please send me and ask if you want to apply, and explain why you’d like to contribute to this blog. If I consider you, I’ll send you directions on what to do next. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had training in any type of martial art (although it’d be greatly appreciated), just that you understand the rules :)